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Major Update | 20-05-15

Posted by Mythic RR on May 20, 2015 at 8:45 AM

Hey everyone, Mythic here to give ya news update on everything RevolveR going on.

We are in process of setting up a Call of Duty Tournament in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. This is getting put together by our President J.C. McDonald (Sovereign) and our Public Relations David Lian. This will be a revenue stream for RevolveRGN. Me (Mythic) ans David Lian are also updating the Sponsorship Document. This document will be sent to every possible sponsors we can send it to.

We are also in process of putting a Fifa 15 tournament with the help of Trent Jones (vSR Matrix). This will be an online tournament set to be done and running by the the end of June.

There are many projects in the works at RevolveRGN. We will be keeping everyone up to date with all the projects coming up.


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