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Major Update | 31-03-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on March 31, 2015 at 1:05 AM

Hey Everyone!  I not sure if I will be able to topped last weeks News Post by Mythic RR, but I will do my best.  This week we have four major meetings to get out of the way.  First off, we will be meeting with one of my senior partners from my other business adventure, EnjoyEarth in a possible opportunity there.  We also have a meeting with a potential Event Director or a partnership with said individual.  And finally we are looking to meet with the Multimedia Director and Tactical Director.

With the Multimedia Director we will be looking to start our new series 100% Achievements with Dying Light on the dock first.  After the meeting we will be looking for as much content, you, the network members, may have on your consoles.  We will be doing an indepth analysis of the game for general review purposes but also from an achievement hunter, as myself, Sovereign RR.  If anyone has any games that they have 100% and would like to do a review please contact, Sovereign RR through hangouts, or through XBL PM.

With the Tactical Director we will be looking to start rolling out eSports here at RevolveRGN.  With that, we will be building the call out maps as well as restructuring the rosters.  That being said, after the rosters are locked we will depend on the leaders to assure the success of that team.  We will also be bringing in established teams from outside the network.  Once the rosters are set, we will begin in-house scrimmages, after the first successful week of that, we will start to establish relationships with outside teams to run scrimmages.  While this is taking place it will be up to the leaders of the team to enroll their squad in GB/UMG/ESL matches.  We would also like to start holding tournaments online with both inhouse and outside teams participating.

Also, our new network logo will be complete hopefully this week.  If you follow us on twitter you will see that we have paid for a design contest to be held to find us a designer.  The deadline for the contest is tomorrow, so we will see where we are at.


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