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Major Update | 07-03-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on March 4, 2015 at 5:10 PM

Major Update for this week, mainly because I haven't had the time to update the news in the past two or three weeks.  Since the last News Update, we have partnered with an individual that is the sole force behind The Tode Report.  The Tode Report is a daily gaming news provider.  At the moment we will be looking to host his content, most likely, every Wednesday on our channel (  We have also in the last week increased our partnership with Renegade Militia.  We feel that after being with Renegade Militia for while now that the two communities have a common goal and working together I don't see much competition our there on the market.  Renegade Militia will join us on all of our ventures and hope they will consider us for all of their ventures as well.

There isn't a really good transition into this topic, Clan Wars this past weekend went alright.  I can't say that it went very poorly because near the end we were catching on first place.  The best way to describe it was a little to late.  I have also made some observations for other individuals that need to be benched as to not affect us negatively in future Clan Wars.  I understand Call Of Duty isn't for everyone, and that includes the Clan Wars so this update is only for those who participate in regards to moving forward.

Just teasers for going forward, we have another sponsor that is looking to join with us in the coming weeks and will assist us with LAN tournaments here in Canada.  There is also the possibility of securing a League Of Legends team and we will also be looking to help with event planning of such tournaments in Canada.  With success we will be looking to expand this into the American Market and continue from there.

Finally, RevolveRGN will be attending SXSW with Laggin Out this March in Austin, TX.  If you are in the area and would like to help out please contact Jose Almanza (Mythic RR) for more information.  And if you are already attending, please come by and show your support.  Mythic RR will be handing out business cards with all of our information, giving away various items, and playing XBox with attendees on his XBOX ONE.

Let's Keep Momentum!

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