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Major Update I 08-02-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on February 8, 2015 at 6:45 PM

This week for us has been big in management; Network members may not have noticed the changes but we will update all of you here.  First off, RevolveRGN has expanded into the Playstation Network with welcoming Krewled our leader over there, currently residing on the PS3.  If any of you have a PS3, please feel free to add him!  Also, I am finally glad to announce that this week the hat order will finally be going out.  It has been a painful process to say the least for us in management to get this order out as well as our sincere apologies to the individuals who purchased a hat.  This will not be the process going forward.  Also, the hats in the market will be closed until further notice.  Whether we include the hats in the store going forward is still up for discussion.  Another big hurdle this week was all the 2015 Success Plan Meetings have been completed for all the divisions.  So going forward expect to see exciting things from each division as they each push for success in their respective areas.

2015 is RevolveRGN's!

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