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Quick Update I 02-02-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on February 2, 2015 at 3:55 PM

In the last week we were able to complete most of the success plan meetings for each division.  The only divisions we have remaining to get setup for the year is Social Media and Tactical.  Speaking of Social Media, everyone congratulate Enigma RR, he has moved up to Twitter Support position to assist Protocol RR.  In the first week of Enigma RR being in his position he has brought RevolveRGN 500 new followers!  We have also have added someone to lead over the PSN side.  So we are now beginning to expand into the other systems.

This week we will aim to finish off the above meetings, with the meetings out of the way we will be able to continue to add new growth to the network through merchandise expansion, new multimedia content both on YouTube and Twitch, new social media campaigns to boost viewership and also membership within the network.

Stay tuned!

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