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QUICK UPDATE | 08-11-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on November 8, 2014 at 11:05 PM

Just a quick update for this week.  If some of you were wondering where I have been in the last couple of weeks, I have had bronchitis for the last couple of weeks.  It got so bad that even the idea of turning on my X1 seemed like expending too much energy.  I am good now so I am back.  For the next week if you attempt to get a hold of me and I don't respond right away please understand that I am trying to catch everything up.  Other than my sickness as I said not a whole lot has been going on.  We are still looking for people outside or inside the organization that are looking to do things like editing, graphics, and help out in any other ways we need.  I understand that a lot of you are looking for this to be prosperous and honestly that's what I am and have always been aiming for.  I also understand that a lot of you are tired when you return home from school or work or both.  But just understand when you are starting out a business or an organization such at this that a lot of work is required.  And yes the dreaded word, for free.  All businesses start that way.  So if any of you have any extra time or the skills that we are looking for please contact Mythic RR or myself.

Heads Up, Keep Pushing!

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