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QUICK UPDATE | 11-10-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on October 11, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Two updates on time, in a row.  Starting to get into my groove again.  Anyways, this will just be a quick update to tell you about some of the new things that we are beginning to do in Social Media as well as some of the upcoming things for YouTube.

We just recently completed our 24 Hour Shout Out Campaign for AuraMicro on Twitter, I know the name is extremely long and I have tasked Protocol with coming up with a more catchy name,  If any of you have any ideas please feel free to contact Protocol RR through XBL.  Basically what this campaign does is it allows us to give an individual maximum exposure through our peers on Twitter and Facebook over the course of 24 Hours with Shout Outs.  Since AuraMicro was the guinea pig we gave him the trial run for free and we will be setting up a secondary run this week for free, after that we will charge.  We will do this for any individuals that require it, one free one and after that we will be charging.  I haven't come up with the figures yet but we will be using this as another revenue stream to help us get on our feet to expand our merchandise and expand in other areas in the organization.

FIFA Tournament has been going well.  I would have liked to see it conclude shortly as that was the original plan so that we can setup the next one but due to scheduling of the individuals involved the tournament itself has stretched on longer than expected.  This coming weekend we will be able to see a montage of the goals from the tournament thus far and we will be streaming the finals when we get to that point, so stay tuned for that.

Also, if you haven't heard yet through the grape vine, or through Samurai Seminar, not sure if it was updated there.  But for the final two weeks of October we will be aiming for our video uploads and streams to be Halloween themed.  So if you have any scary games you would like to stream or have any recorded video on your X1 from scary or creepy parts in games please feel free to contact with Samurai or myself so we can connect you either to our Twitch stream or get you setup on our Google Drive.

Can I post three weeks in a row on time?

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