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QUICK UPDATE | 26/08/14

Posted by Sovereign RR on August 26, 2014 at 5:05 PM

Quick update for today, I missed sending out a news update do to taking some much needed down time over on Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls.  I will post a review for the game, in Your Call Forums, once I complete the game fully.  I am enjoying the game thus far, as I did when I played it on the XBOX360.  Anyways, this past week has seen an improvement in how the clan morale has been growing and I hope to see this continue as we move into the coming school season.  I understand that people will have a limited schedule due to school but I ask if you guys can stay diligent and keep pushing as you guys have been.  The task at hand that we have for trying to start what we are is something that not a lot of people can say they survived but the ones that do survive are winners for sure in the game of life.

Our primary focus at the moment are in the three areas as follows: Multimedia (YouTube & Streaming), Social Media, and Merchandising.  With Multimedia we have a surge of material that vSR Samurai is able to pull from with I thank you guys for it.  However, if you have some clip on your X1 that you think is worthy of putting into a video make sure that you upload to our Google Drive so that vSR Samurai can either use it in a personal video showcasing your gameplay or combine it for a clan/deployment montage.  Social Media, help out vSR Protocol as much as you can by telling friends and family to subscribe to our YouTube RevolveRGNUnited, like our RevolveRGN Facebook or follow us on either RevolveRGN Twitter or RevolveRGN Instagram.  Those numbers aren't just for show, for some aspects they can bring in clan revenue and for others they will help wih outside networking and also increase the quality of our recruitment, so it is very important.  Merchandising is also very important, as the clan/network is in infant stages we need financial stability to come from within before we can start seeking those investors or kick starter projects.  The main way we are building our financial stability at the moment is through the selling of our snapback hat in the RevolveR Store.  If you have said you would purchase a hat get that in as soon as you can, and if you would like to help us out and haven't bought one yet, the store is still open.  The orders need to hit 12 in order to be completed.  The money from these hats aren't going into my pocket they are staying in the financial loop, the next product we will be using the money for is shirts.  So show your support today if you haven't so already!  RevolveRGN FTW!

Thanks for the support!

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