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MAJOR UPDATE | 27-11-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on November 27, 2014 at 12:55 AM

I have yet to do so officially, on our website, but I am pleased to announce that RevolveRGN has started a partnership with Renegade Militia.  Renegade Militia is a new organization of like-minded individuals that are looking to build their brand with us as we grow together as gamers.  Also this week, RevolveRGN has partnered with The Prestige Network (TPN) on YouTube to help with monetization of our videos to build our current revenue stream up.  And finally, as of today, RevolveRGN has partnered with Exuro eSports.  Exuro eSports is another organization of like-minded individuals their business model is quite like our own and I see us growing together in the future as well as the other above partnerships.  With all of these partnerships we will strive to maintain the growth that we have been going through in the past two months since converting over to the network business model.

Keep tuned to our website, especially our Links tab for ways to connect with these great partners.  Also, Renegade Militia is calling our website their home so if you see them online feel free to hit them up and hang out on AW.  Great group of guys.  In the near future we will be scrimmaging within the organization and through those scrimmages you will meet Exuro eSports.

Let's Keep This Going!

QUICK UPDATE | 15-11-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on November 14, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Quick Update for this week to keep everyone in the loop.  In the past week we have removed the Breast Cancer Awareness Branding from all of our social networks and replaced it with the updated branding that you see today.  As my skills in graphics continues to improve so will our overall graphics, unless we find a person to step into the Graphics Director role then they can take over with the production of all our graphics.  Overall the Breast Cancer Awareness was pretty successful for Laggin Out and we were given a thank you for our sharing efforts during the time of the fundraising.  In coming years we will be able to host our own fundraising campaigns for many causes that effect our families here at the network.  If you were part of the people sharing anything that came out of the network during that fundraiser I would like to thank you as all efforts are appreciated.

In the coming weeks, we will be looking to get back to business as usual, especially with me being back from my bronchitis spell.  And I want to assure you that we will not follow shopping malls into the Christmas Branding no earlier than December 1st.  If anyone has any ideas for things we can do as an event for the network itself to celebrate the holiday season please feel free to contact Mythic RR or myself (Sovereign RR).  Next week should be a major update as we have a couple big announcements coming down the pipe.

Thanks for Your Support!

QUICK UPDATE | 08-11-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on November 8, 2014 at 11:05 PM

Just a quick update for this week.  If some of you were wondering where I have been in the last couple of weeks, I have had bronchitis for the last couple of weeks.  It got so bad that even the idea of turning on my X1 seemed like expending too much energy.  I am good now so I am back.  For the next week if you attempt to get a hold of me and I don't respond right away please understand that I am trying to catch everything up.  Other than my sickness as I said not a whole lot has been going on.  We are still looking for people outside or inside the organization that are looking to do things like editing, graphics, and help out in any other ways we need.  I understand that a lot of you are looking for this to be prosperous and honestly that's what I am and have always been aiming for.  I also understand that a lot of you are tired when you return home from school or work or both.  But just understand when you are starting out a business or an organization such at this that a lot of work is required.  And yes the dreaded word, for free.  All businesses start that way.  So if any of you have any extra time or the skills that we are looking for please contact Mythic RR or myself.

Heads Up, Keep Pushing!

QUICK UPDATE | 18-10-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on October 21, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Just a quick update for this week.  We have a lot of things on the go, so I would like to get back to those as soon as I can.  I didn't get a chance to read what I posted from last week, so I would like to apologize in advance if I repeat anything.  This week we are looking to finalize some sponsorships with our soon to be friends, hopefully, over at Lost Legion Custom PCs and WestCoast Energy Drinks.  We also have two YouTube partnerships that we are looking to finalize this week if we can make our decision on which to go with.  As you might have noticed last week we have transitioned to more of a network page than a clan page with the addition of game oriented forums.  You will see more and more of those pop up as we continue to branch into new games.

Let's get right to the important stuff, we need help from members.  We need you guys to promote us on your social media streams mainly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.  Twitter is currently at a healthy 780 and we are seeing new people following almost daily.  I would say by 1000 that social media will be self sufficient.  Also we are looking for more people for editing and graphics.  These are areas that are beginning to hurt as more time progresses.  Multimedia is being slammed with content which isn't a problem, and we have lots of more ideas on the way however the team themselves are not able to handle that volume as tasks are falling down as we focus to produce the video a week that we are aiming for.  So if you would like to work on this team and have the skills to do so right out of the date or know someone that would suit this role or organization we need it.  We need Recruitment on all levels from within the network, our Recruitment Director has been absent for three weeks with no timeline as to when he will return to full capacity.  Jose and I will be doing our best to help with all areas but we can only do so much.

Thanks for the continued effort from all!

QUICK UPDATE | 11-10-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on October 11, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Two updates on time, in a row.  Starting to get into my groove again.  Anyways, this will just be a quick update to tell you about some of the new things that we are beginning to do in Social Media as well as some of the upcoming things for YouTube.

We just recently completed our 24 Hour Shout Out Campaign for AuraMicro on Twitter, I know the name is extremely long and I have tasked Protocol with coming up with a more catchy name,  If any of you have any ideas please feel free to contact Protocol RR through XBL.  Basically what this campaign does is it allows us to give an individual maximum exposure through our peers on Twitter and Facebook over the course of 24 Hours with Shout Outs.  Since AuraMicro was the guinea pig we gave him the trial run for free and we will be setting up a secondary run this week for free, after that we will charge.  We will do this for any individuals that require it, one free one and after that we will be charging.  I haven't come up with the figures yet but we will be using this as another revenue stream to help us get on our feet to expand our merchandise and expand in other areas in the organization.

FIFA Tournament has been going well.  I would have liked to see it conclude shortly as that was the original plan so that we can setup the next one but due to scheduling of the individuals involved the tournament itself has stretched on longer than expected.  This coming weekend we will be able to see a montage of the goals from the tournament thus far and we will be streaming the finals when we get to that point, so stay tuned for that.

Also, if you haven't heard yet through the grape vine, or through Samurai Seminar, not sure if it was updated there.  But for the final two weeks of October we will be aiming for our video uploads and streams to be Halloween themed.  So if you have any scary games you would like to stream or have any recorded video on your X1 from scary or creepy parts in games please feel free to contact with Samurai or myself so we can connect you either to our Twitch stream or get you setup on our Google Drive.

Can I post three weeks in a row on time?


Posted by Sovereign RR on October 2, 2014 at 11:50 PM

This is long overdue, I do apologize.  I don't know how many posts in the last year that start with me saying that I am aiming to release these weekly but I truly am trying to release these weekly.  A lot has been going on in the network in the past couple of weeks and in the coming weeks that trend doesn't change.  in the past couple of weeks we have seen growth in all of our social networks (ranking Twitter, YouTube, Twitch & Facebook) and we look to keep pushing that along as well.  The focus in the past couple of weeks has been on Twitter, with growth being the easiest in this area it has been something we would hope to use to develop our community, our management through recruitment and boost our name through various partnerships.  Though our numbers have gone from 400 to 700 in the last couple of weeks there has been a slow down in growth as we are maximizing our current reach in that community.  In the coming weeks we will look to use our inflated numbers on Twitter to build our numbers on Facebook, Twitch and more importantly YouTube.  We now have an audience, RevolveR, now what we need to do is supply that audience with content that will keep that activate, interested and more willing to tell their peers about what we are doing and where we are going.If you haven't already done so please follow us on Twitter at, like us on Facebook at, subscribe to us on Twitch at, subscribe to us on YouTube at and follow us on instagram where Jose is adding all the photos he takes at

You will notice that our website, and shortly all of our social media outlets are now branded in pink.  No we are not changing the clan colours to pink and black.  We are supporting Laggin' Out Network in their fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness called 1Up 4 Boobies.  We have added a donation link to our twitch account if you would like to show your support for this great cause.  Also, our FIFA 15 Tournament is coming to the end of its first week.  There have been a lot of hurdles that we have had to overcome as this is our first tournament and we hope to make this better and bigger with each time we run it.  So if you know of anyone that would be interested and is playing on the X1 please let Mythic RR, Protocol RR or myself know.  In the coming weeks I will discuss personal branding and what each of you can do as a member to help reach your own gaming career goals and how it will benefit the network equally.

Thanks For The Support!

QUICK UPDATE | 30/08/14

Posted by Sovereign RR on September 2, 2014 at 7:10 PM

This last week has been a little business as usual which is nice to see since there hasn't been much of that in the past.  However, with the coming school season we will be trying to amp up our operations to continue to build on the successes of the past.  This week we will be having our monthly meeting with all directors in attendance, the result of this meeting should be all areas of the clan firing on all cylinders and pushing their output better than before.  New endeavors will be started to involve our members as well as to engage with our community through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our newest Instagram and Pheed.  If you haven't already liked us or followed us across these outlets make sure you do so with all links in our Links tab on the website.

As we are primarily a Call Of Duty clan that is developing into a gaming network our core values and focus on that franchise will not change it will be our primary game that we will build on.  One of the games that we are expanding to in efforts to interact with our community is FIFA 15 which is slated to be released mid-September.  We are looking to host a tournament in house amongst the members as well as a seperate tournament amongst the followers.  If you or you know anyone that would be interested please get them to like our FB and to like the post about the tournament.  The tournament structure will be setup five days prior to the release of the game so that the tournament can start within days of release.

There is two new partnerships that are developing for our organizations but since they are just in the beginning stages I don't want to mention them until I have further information and full confirmation.

Keep Building The Support!

QUICK UPDATE | 26/08/14

Posted by Sovereign RR on August 26, 2014 at 5:05 PM

Quick update for today, I missed sending out a news update do to taking some much needed down time over on Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls.  I will post a review for the game, in Your Call Forums, once I complete the game fully.  I am enjoying the game thus far, as I did when I played it on the XBOX360.  Anyways, this past week has seen an improvement in how the clan morale has been growing and I hope to see this continue as we move into the coming school season.  I understand that people will have a limited schedule due to school but I ask if you guys can stay diligent and keep pushing as you guys have been.  The task at hand that we have for trying to start what we are is something that not a lot of people can say they survived but the ones that do survive are winners for sure in the game of life.

Our primary focus at the moment are in the three areas as follows: Multimedia (YouTube & Streaming), Social Media, and Merchandising.  With Multimedia we have a surge of material that vSR Samurai is able to pull from with I thank you guys for it.  However, if you have some clip on your X1 that you think is worthy of putting into a video make sure that you upload to our Google Drive so that vSR Samurai can either use it in a personal video showcasing your gameplay or combine it for a clan/deployment montage.  Social Media, help out vSR Protocol as much as you can by telling friends and family to subscribe to our YouTube RevolveRGNUnited, like our RevolveRGN Facebook or follow us on either RevolveRGN Twitter or RevolveRGN Instagram.  Those numbers aren't just for show, for some aspects they can bring in clan revenue and for others they will help wih outside networking and also increase the quality of our recruitment, so it is very important.  Merchandising is also very important, as the clan/network is in infant stages we need financial stability to come from within before we can start seeking those investors or kick starter projects.  The main way we are building our financial stability at the moment is through the selling of our snapback hat in the RevolveR Store.  If you have said you would purchase a hat get that in as soon as you can, and if you would like to help us out and haven't bought one yet, the store is still open.  The orders need to hit 12 in order to be completed.  The money from these hats aren't going into my pocket they are staying in the financial loop, the next product we will be using the money for is shirts.  So show your support today if you haven't so already!  RevolveRGN FTW!

Thanks for the support!


Posted by Sovereign RR on August 18, 2014 at 12:15 AM

Let's talk about the good news first, before we get to the bad news.  Clan Wars, this clan has completely turned around in respect to clan wars participation with the great win through Gold Division last week and the eminent victory through Platinum Division this week.  Next clan wars thankfully, is in two weeks instead of next week so we will get a chance to relax as well as be able to focus on GBs.  For the most part schedules this week were submitted so we will be able to get those compiled early Monday for use Tuesday-Sunday.  Also, all of the RevolveR branding is nearly complete with Twitch and Google Hangouts being the remaining spots for branding.  After those two are squared away we will begin to add new additions to the clan through Hoot Suite and My Business (Google) that will allow us to automate a lot through social media allowing the Multimedia Division to focus on other endeavors to get our name out there.

Now for the bad news.  Last week in the news we placed a test.  This test was placed in there to assess how many of you actually read the news by messaging Mythic RR a word that was selected in the news.  So based on the feedback from responses sent to Mythic RR we have assessed that 8% of the clan read the news from last week.  And if you are looking for a fraction breakdown of 8% that equals 2 people in the clan read the news last week.  That is appaling news, I understand if some of you don't want to get on a website everyday and interact with the clan through our forums, however after updating the news I send a XBox Message to each and every one of you reminding you that the news has been updated.  As i have said to the management team, the biggest problem sadly isn't the fact that the news isn't being read, it is the fact that without reading the news a lot of you have questions pertaining to what is the clan is doing, what are our plans, what is happening with our sponsorship.  Also, due to this lack of knowledge we have had people leave in the clan as they assumed the clan wasn't doing anything.  Other than the forums the news is the spot for people to see what the clan is doing and that we are moving forward.  Also, on the note of participation, with people in the clan pushing hard during clan wars and also jumping on getting their schedules in promptly it is allowing all levels of management to see which members are not pulling their weight, so keep that in mind.  If you are giving your all based on your schedule you provide us, there is nothing more we can ask for.

Until next time!

MAJOR UPDATE | 09-08-14

Posted by Sovereign RR on August 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Good Afternoon RevolveR,

By now I would hope that most of you have noticed that we are no longer Velocity Gaming, and in fact are now RevolveR Gaming part of the RevolveR Gaming Network.  I will update you here as to why we have made this change and where we are headed with this new label.  Velocity Gaming was a great label for us for a long time.  For some of you (especially those who have never read the history in our Discussion Forums), you may not understand where the brand Velocity came from in the first place.  We were originally called vRRM before Velocity and when designing the logo we had a little 'v', two large 'rr' s and a little 'm.'  Over time we dropped the 'v' and the 'm' to focus on the 'rr' s.  While we ran this branding with Velocity members found themselves constantly having to explain the 'rr' s to others and what they meant.  So to make it easier for our members as well as future business relations we changed our name to reflect the logo better.  The 'rr' s now reflect the beginning and the end of the word revolver.  Now as for the reasons why we chose revolver and not another word with the same beginning and ending is because of the key word in between the 'rr' s.  The word evolve is something this clan has been doing frequently over the past 10 years it has been around and something we will continue to push for going forward.  The gaming industry is a rapidly changing industry and instead of becoming a niche clan like some we are going to evolve with that industry to one day be at the forefront and not just be there for a minute but to build a dynasty that others can strive to be.

As for RevolveR Gaming Network, no we didn't pick up another partner.  We are moving to becoming a network with professional gaming at the core.  However, professional gaming will be only one of the aspects we will do business in.  That's why as a member everyone currently here needs to step up their game.  When it comes to being a member, you need to get your schedules in on time each Saturday, make sure you are on top of when practice with your deployment is, when scrimmages are set, other events in the clan to improve your game, and most important on top of your scheduled matches.  After that we need forward thinking to help push this clan, people in management, especially myself, don't have all of the ideas on how to make this clan they clan to be.  If you have an idea tell your management team for your deployment or a director.  Get active in the success of this clan.  So to kick this off we are going to have a little test for everyone that has read this news post, and read this far, send a message to Mystic RR saying 'RevolveR.'  That's it.  I want to see how many of you are actually reading this and next week I will post the results.

Have a great day!