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Overdue Update | 15-08-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on August 18, 2015 at 6:25 PM

Good Evening RevolveRGN,

It has been awhile since I have done one of these updates.  I apologize, I am not going to put the blame on anyone else or share the blame with anyone.  This is purely my fault.  I remember we stated that the network would be transparent and that would allow you to all see what we are doing within the organization.  However, when things got busy I forgot and I apologize for that.  I will make sure that the news is completed again and posted every Saturday.

The last update was speaking of the FIFA Tournament that was being run by Jose Almanza (Mythic RR) and Trent Jones (vSR Matrix), that tournament has completed, it was a trial run for the network.  I know we have run a FIFA tournament before in the past but this was the first that was one to be partially ran by Management.  There was some aspects that we learned from that we have learned from and will apply in the next tournament.  The next FIFA Tournament will be running on or around the launch date for FIFA 16.  If you need more information, or are looking to participate please contact vSR Matrix via XBL or email the network at

The last update was also talking about the upcoming Call Of Duty (Physical) Tournament that will be held at University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada.  That tournament is scheduled for September 26th.  You will be able to tune into some of the tournament through Twitch the day of, we will also be capturing a lot of video for YouTube, and capturing pictures for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Stay tuned to the social media feeds for more information on that.

Prior to the Call of Duty Tournament in September we will be launching our new branding.  We have had the branding completed for about two months now, Management has been diligently working to make sure all legal avenues are covered with the new branding before it is launched so keep any eye out for that dropping either late August or early September.

The Director Team has grown since the last update, we have added two new directors.  Jared Kimble from eSportsDesignSwarm has signed on as our Graphics Director.  We can also thank him for the new branding as it was completed personally by him, Jared has also been working on the poster graphics for the Tournament.  We also have Erick Alexander has signed on as our new Web Development Director so look forward to the website becoming more interactive.  We also have started the discussion on the new website hopefully coming 2016.

That's all for now, and I can assure you this section will be updated weekly so please check back.

Keep Up the Great Work!

Major Update | 20-05-15

Posted by Mythic RR on May 20, 2015 at 8:45 AM

Hey everyone, Mythic here to give ya news update on everything RevolveR going on.

We are in process of setting up a Call of Duty Tournament in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. This is getting put together by our President J.C. McDonald (Sovereign) and our Public Relations David Lian. This will be a revenue stream for RevolveRGN. Me (Mythic) ans David Lian are also updating the Sponsorship Document. This document will be sent to every possible sponsors we can send it to.

We are also in process of putting a Fifa 15 tournament with the help of Trent Jones (vSR Matrix). This will be an online tournament set to be done and running by the the end of June.

There are many projects in the works at RevolveRGN. We will be keeping everyone up to date with all the projects coming up.


Major Update | 26-04-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on April 26, 2015 at 8:15 PM

I apologize that I haven't had a chance to update the news in a while.  I am still looking for more people to come on board in the network in managerial roles or support for those managerial roles.  In the next couple of weeks the network will be recruiting many outside individuals to help support the network with the help of Cam (Liquid RR).  

From the last update until now we have hired two individuals, first of I would like to introduce Victor Chui.  Victor will be in charge of accountability and business logistics in RevolveRGN.  The accountability portion of his role will mirror that of the accountability division that use to exist in the organization.  The business logistics portion will allow us as gamers to stream line the divisions from a business aspect and also make sound business decisions when it comes to further development of the network.  If you are looking to contact Victor Chui for anything accountability or business related, you can contact him through hangouts at or on XBL at Vertex275.  Also, let me introduce David Lian who will be in charge of the Public Relations/Event Director role.  David is well versed in building physical competitions with the recent success of his League of Legends tournament, here in Canada.  In the future we will be molding David's role to allow him to control Event planning here in the network with upcoming tournaments both in the physical and the digital worlds.  If you would like to get a hold of David you can contact him on hangouts at or XBL at ranilian83.  These are two great individuals that will build on the established team we have here at RevolveRGN.  Look for many updates regarding role changes/promotions in the coming future.

With the introduction of those two new roles some things that you will see coming in the next couple weeks is standard operating procedures for each division, this will allow people to know what is required of their postition and when.  Also, this will assist with team management themselves as the director will be able to refer new support members to the SOP and keep everyone on track.  And also we will be looking to setup a Call Of Duty/FIFA physical tournament here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada.  More info on that to come.

Some of you might have heard that we have been looking to get a designer to take the "RGN" logo to the next level so that it can be used as our organization logo.  First question, what is the status of that logo design?  The logo has been completed and Management has a copy of the word, however we are having a little technical difficulty with the logo, we are currently working with the designer to get it dealt with as soon as possible.  Second question, what happens to the current double "R" logo?  This logo isn't going anywhere we will be utilizing it for professional aspects in the network, all pro teams that are within RevolveRGN will run this as their team logo (or some variation), also we will continue to use this logo for merchandise.  With that being said you will see the "RGN" branding start to emerge on our social media.  If you have any more questions about the logo please feel free to contact myself (Sovereign) on hangouts or XBL at Sovereign RR.

See You All At The Top!

Major Update | 31-03-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on March 31, 2015 at 1:05 AM

Hey Everyone!  I not sure if I will be able to topped last weeks News Post by Mythic RR, but I will do my best.  This week we have four major meetings to get out of the way.  First off, we will be meeting with one of my senior partners from my other business adventure, EnjoyEarth in a possible opportunity there.  We also have a meeting with a potential Event Director or a partnership with said individual.  And finally we are looking to meet with the Multimedia Director and Tactical Director.

With the Multimedia Director we will be looking to start our new series 100% Achievements with Dying Light on the dock first.  After the meeting we will be looking for as much content, you, the network members, may have on your consoles.  We will be doing an indepth analysis of the game for general review purposes but also from an achievement hunter, as myself, Sovereign RR.  If anyone has any games that they have 100% and would like to do a review please contact, Sovereign RR through hangouts, or through XBL PM.

With the Tactical Director we will be looking to start rolling out eSports here at RevolveRGN.  With that, we will be building the call out maps as well as restructuring the rosters.  That being said, after the rosters are locked we will depend on the leaders to assure the success of that team.  We will also be bringing in established teams from outside the network.  Once the rosters are set, we will begin in-house scrimmages, after the first successful week of that, we will start to establish relationships with outside teams to run scrimmages.  While this is taking place it will be up to the leaders of the team to enroll their squad in GB/UMG/ESL matches.  We would also like to start holding tournaments online with both inhouse and outside teams participating.

Also, our new network logo will be complete hopefully this week.  If you follow us on twitter you will see that we have paid for a design contest to be held to find us a designer.  The deadline for the contest is tomorrow, so we will see where we are at.


Major Update | 22-03-15

Posted by Mythic RR on March 22, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Hey everyone Mythic here!!!! So a lot has been going on here at RevolveRGN. We appeared in our first gaming expo at SXSW in Austin, TX with our senior partners Laggin Out. Through having our booth at the expo I was able to talk to possible new pro teams joining and possible sponsorship opportunities. We are also in the process of running a lan tournament in Canada run by RevolbveRGN's own JC McDonald (Sovereign RR).


Day 1 of SXSW Gaming Expo: I was pretty nervous to be completely honest. It was the first time meeting our partners from Laggin Out. They were awesome at helping me get situated and bring the nerves down. We started Day 1 one by talking about our organization  and how we joined as partners. I met a lot of the possible sponsors that day.


Day 2 of SXSW Gaming Expo: Day 2 was super hectic and full of potential pro gamers everywhere. They had a Street Fighter Invitational Tourney, that featured gamers from the competitive team EG (Evil Genius). We did our Beat the Pro Segment on CoD AW where challengers had the opportunity to face either me (Mythic) or Laggin Out's resident pro gamer Irish. Many came but only a few prevailed. I had one of the most humbling times of my gaming career and in my life in general. I signed my first Autograph as a Pro Gamer. It was an amazing moment that I'll keep with me forever. It caught me so off guard I accidently signed my name first and then my GT. That was a perfect end to Day 2


Day 3 of SXSW Gaming Expo: This was the final day and was just as packed as Day 2. We did another beat the Pro Gamer Segment. i was only beat once that day. it was another amazing and enlightening experience. The crowd died down towards the end of the night and I was able to explore and see what the expo offered, and I was not disappointed. The Oculus Rift Virtual Goggles is indeed coming to Xbox One. I can definitely say this is the future of gaming. All in all this expo was amazing to say the least. Next year RevolveRGN will have their own booth and we take over the Gaming Expo!!!!!!


Lets Strive for Greatness!!!! - Mythic RR




Major Update | 07-03-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on March 4, 2015 at 5:10 PM

Major Update for this week, mainly because I haven't had the time to update the news in the past two or three weeks.  Since the last News Update, we have partnered with an individual that is the sole force behind The Tode Report.  The Tode Report is a daily gaming news provider.  At the moment we will be looking to host his content, most likely, every Wednesday on our channel (  We have also in the last week increased our partnership with Renegade Militia.  We feel that after being with Renegade Militia for while now that the two communities have a common goal and working together I don't see much competition our there on the market.  Renegade Militia will join us on all of our ventures and hope they will consider us for all of their ventures as well.

There isn't a really good transition into this topic, Clan Wars this past weekend went alright.  I can't say that it went very poorly because near the end we were catching on first place.  The best way to describe it was a little to late.  I have also made some observations for other individuals that need to be benched as to not affect us negatively in future Clan Wars.  I understand Call Of Duty isn't for everyone, and that includes the Clan Wars so this update is only for those who participate in regards to moving forward.

Just teasers for going forward, we have another sponsor that is looking to join with us in the coming weeks and will assist us with LAN tournaments here in Canada.  There is also the possibility of securing a League Of Legends team and we will also be looking to help with event planning of such tournaments in Canada.  With success we will be looking to expand this into the American Market and continue from there.

Finally, RevolveRGN will be attending SXSW with Laggin Out this March in Austin, TX.  If you are in the area and would like to help out please contact Jose Almanza (Mythic RR) for more information.  And if you are already attending, please come by and show your support.  Mythic RR will be handing out business cards with all of our information, giving away various items, and playing XBox with attendees on his XBOX ONE.

Let's Keep Momentum!

Major Update I 08-02-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on February 8, 2015 at 6:45 PM

This week for us has been big in management; Network members may not have noticed the changes but we will update all of you here.  First off, RevolveRGN has expanded into the Playstation Network with welcoming Krewled our leader over there, currently residing on the PS3.  If any of you have a PS3, please feel free to add him!  Also, I am finally glad to announce that this week the hat order will finally be going out.  It has been a painful process to say the least for us in management to get this order out as well as our sincere apologies to the individuals who purchased a hat.  This will not be the process going forward.  Also, the hats in the market will be closed until further notice.  Whether we include the hats in the store going forward is still up for discussion.  Another big hurdle this week was all the 2015 Success Plan Meetings have been completed for all the divisions.  So going forward expect to see exciting things from each division as they each push for success in their respective areas.

2015 is RevolveRGN's!

Quick Update I 02-02-15

Posted by Sovereign RR on February 2, 2015 at 3:55 PM

In the last week we were able to complete most of the success plan meetings for each division.  The only divisions we have remaining to get setup for the year is Social Media and Tactical.  Speaking of Social Media, everyone congratulate Enigma RR, he has moved up to Twitter Support position to assist Protocol RR.  In the first week of Enigma RR being in his position he has brought RevolveRGN 500 new followers!  We have also have added someone to lead over the PSN side.  So we are now beginning to expand into the other systems.

This week we will aim to finish off the above meetings, with the meetings out of the way we will be able to continue to add new growth to the network through merchandise expansion, new multimedia content both on YouTube and Twitch, new social media campaigns to boost viewership and also membership within the network.

Stay tuned!

Quick Update I 1-26-15

Posted by Mythic RR on January 26, 2015 at 8:40 PM

Hey RevolveRGN, This is Mythic with your weekly update. We are currently in full swing for the 2015 campaign. We are getting all our division plans rolled out this week. A PS3/PS4 leader for pro gaming and community gaming could be in the midst here in the next few weeks. We eclipsed 1700 followers on twitter which is awesome. Thanks to our Social Media Division. Be sure to Congratulate Forsaken RR on his promotion to Senior Management Director.

That's what has been happening in RevolveRGN. Mythic Signing Out!!!!!

Quick Update I 10-12-14

Posted by Mythic RR on December 10, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Hey guys... I guess ill start by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa!!!!! The RevolveRGN growth is REAL ladies and gentleman. From all social media aspects. We are also setting up GB scrimmages within RevolveRGN and our Partners. If you and your team are interested please contact TKG Prodigy on Xbox.

In other news we have a team competing in a DOTA 2 LAN in Austin, TX on Dec. 20th. They are competing under RevolveRGN and we wish them luck.

That's all for now, This is Mythic RR signing out!!!!